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心情化為圖像 文字

也許將永遠地 靜態停格


但 那些腦海中存在的深刻記憶

並非淡入 也永不淡出



right moment, right place

time to be a nomad


feelings became images and texts

perhaps will be lasting forever


but, those memories in mind

never fade in nor fade out




sophie library並不是一間圖書館她遇熱會流汗受傷會流血覬覦會流口水激動會流她相信外星人也看過幽浮總希望自己有原生星球之外的血統但目前還賴在地球不走她喜歡當一輩子素人持續玩著從小就熟悉的把戲一直玩色彩與自爽的繪畫創作據到老都不會改變相當的冥頑不靈死性不改無可救藥且令人搖頭嘆息。


sophie library is not really a 'library' she sweats in heat bleeding when gets injure cries for emotional reason she believes in alien and had ever seen UFO once and always hope she's not just a citizen of this planet but also have another lineage of other planet in the universe actually she still live in earth now and keeps herself as an outsider artist doing the same thing which she's keeping doing since she was a little girl and she will keep the same passion till the end of her life.


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